In two days Ravages will be on sale on the site of Manifold Press.

Manifold Press is a small (make that: tiny) press based in the UK. They publish two titles every three months. They publish exclusively gay themed novels, but other than that the variety is quite impressive. From cowboys to US president, from professional wrestler tot forensics expert and from genderless aliens to vampires, you’ll find them there, and so now two gay highest level professional football (soccer) players will shortly  join the ranks.

To be honest, when I had sent my query for Ravages, I expected the next “thanks, but not for our readers” rejection, I suspect because of the subject matter and the slow, introvert manner in which I had written the story. If Ravages is a m/m romance, then it’s certainly one that break a rule of two, three…
But no, they were very interested, exactly because of the subject and the way it was written. Yes, there were questions if readers would accept all of it, and no, that wasn’t a reason to turn the novel down, or ask for major rewrites.

So, yeah, there isn’t a slick organisation and neither of my sons are impressed by the website, and if you buy an e- book from them, you have to wait for the e-mail with attachment (takes a few hours, perhaps a day, instead of an instant download) but your money and patience supports a small press run by people who say:  “we love this story, and we trust readers will agree with us on this.”

To be sure: Manifold Press titles that have been on sale for three months become available via Rainbow Ebooks and AllRomance Ebooks. And they do have instant download.