Welcome, all treasure hunters for the 5 years of Long and Short Reviews party!


A bit about me, so you know whose place you’re visiting. I’m a woman, wife to a wife (we’ve been a couple for 30 years, the wife-part is since 2002), mother of two grown sons and writer. And before I forget, we own five cats… but we all know the truth, don’t we?
I’ve published two novels as R.A. Padmos, both with Manifold Press and both deal with gay men living in a straight world. And yes, both stories are about love.

Ravages is about a professional football (soccer) player who discovers that the closet is not as safe and cosy as he thought and love is a force to be reckoned with.



Unspoken is about a working class husband and father in the nineteen-thirties in a Dutch town who falls head over heels in love with another man. I realise that the husband-and-father part might be a deal breaker for many readers, but in this case historical reality won out on the m/m romance fantasy. But, remember, this is still a story about love.


Enjoy the rest of the hunt!