The Ravages on sale week is now over and I’m happy to announce the winners of the give-away.

I already mailed the winners personally, as far as the e-mail addresses are known to me.

Urb, you win a Manifold Press book of your choice.

Jbst, you win a copy of Unspoken. I already sent it to you by e-mail.

Penumbra, you win a $10 gift certificate at either Amazon or AllRomance

Keelie, you also win a $10 gift certificate, but I do need an e-mail address, so I can actually send it to you. (r_a_padmos at hotmail dot com)

Raley, you win a paperback copy of Ravages. Please mail me at r_a_padmos at hotmail dot com about the details.

To everyone: thanks for participating! And to the winners: congratulations!