It’s yet another day against the phobia and hate against people who, for whatever reason, do not conform to the straight-and-narrow ideal. Some because they have no choice but to be who they are, some because the “normal” as no appeal to them, some…. you name it. Yes, it’s still very much needed, if perhaps not for me personally right at this moment, then certainly for many, many of our tribes all over the world.


With a history of over 35 years of being an out and open lesbian, 32 years of which with the same woman, I’ve seen a lot change. One of those changes is that we’re legally married, another that my wife and I have been able to raise two sons to (young) adulthood. Not without its troubles, not without paying the price again and again, but it was possible. Because we made it possible. We didn’t wait until we were given permission, or until the majority was ready for us.

The world has changed within and around our own communities too. I’ll probably never call myself queer, my philosophy about sex and gender is that of an old-fashioned middle-aged feminist (or my personal version of it), I feel a somewhat limited affinity, except that I wish love, health and happiness to every human being, with transgenders and no, my sexuality is not fluent, thank you very much. And I bet that many GLBTers have their very personal variations of what is closed to their heart.

But so what? So what that we’re not always one big happy family who always agree on everything? If we can’t accept the difference between gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders with grace and a bit of humour, then what exactly is it that we are fighting for?

So enjoy that we’re not all the same in body, mind and spirit!

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