I’m part of a Facebook group called Rainbow Snippets. Every weekend we either post a six sentence snippet of a story we are working on or recommend a story.

Now, this weeks snippet is of a book I just published, so strictly speaking… But then, a story only truly comes alive in the mind of the reader, so in a way every book is a continuing work in process.

So here is a small segment from In the privacy of their Home.


He closed the door behind them, turned the key twice, and suddenly, for the first time in his life, he was being kissed by another man.
He was in his thirties, he had known since he was twelve about his nature, he had brought men to orgasm with his mouth and hands and some men had done the same to him, without even knowing their names, in places that were being called cottages with a bitter sense of humour, but he had never been kissed.
But now a young man with slightly too-long dark blond hair and a smile to melt a frozen heart, took Dylan’s face between his hands, the kiss happened and Dylan could cry with the beauty of it and the all-encompassing love.
Max looked him in the eyes with so much love Dylan hardly knew what to do with himself, so he showed Max to the living room, and almost fled to the kitchen to make the two of them a cup of tea. Tea was safe. This was all so complicated and how was he supposed to behave in the company of the man he wanted to court, although Max would probably laugh if he ever heard Dylan use that word?


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