A new year, another Saturday and more rainbow snippets. Again from In the Privacy of Their Home. This time a bit further in the story of bookkeeper Dylan and office help/budding artist Max.It’s still 1967, remember, and sex between males has only recently been made legal in England.

privacy cover

Definitely not fabulous Dylan is in dire need for something a bit more fashionable in his wardrobe. Max introduces him to boutique owner Bijou, who has his very own interpretation of what it means to be a man.

“I need to save that man before he makes me and the other girls cry. You are going to take him to the ball?” Bijou then looked straight at Dylan. “I understand why men like you are always so scared, because you wear the mask of normality with such ease. This is not the place for fear, because here you are among like-minded people who know all about the pain of those who walk a different path.”

“I’m sorry,” was all Dylan was able to say.

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