Six sentences (close enough) of a work in progress or something you simply want to recommend. That’s the Rainbow Snippets group on Facebook.

Let’s keep it this way: Unspoken is available, it’s a historical gay novel taking place in Holland in the nineteen-thirties and from what I understand from readers it’s a  bit of a I gave it a try though usually I don’t read this kind of books, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, kind of book. Or, another variation: this was different from what I usually see in m/m stories.

This snippet is taken from a scene quite late in the story.

“That’s the problem, isn’t it? Love. Lust stops once it’s sated, and friendship is innocent enough, but you never know how long love will last. I could leave you and the love might still be there for the rest of your life. You could decide never to see me again, but it might not be enough to stop the love. I love making love with you, but I don’t need it to love you—and that is what we couldn’t have foreseen, six years ago.”



If nothing else, look at the gorgeous cover art.


When Stefan meets Adri, it is love at first sight. It does, however, take some time before he recognizes his own feelings. He’s a married man—a family man—with a strong sense of responsibility. In Dutch society of 1935, sex between men over the age of twenty-one might be legal, but acceptance is still a long way off.

As a working-class man without a steady job, he doesn’t have the means to ignore society’s rules and create his own little paradise in which both he and his lover can be together, without his family having to suffer poverty and shame. Despite all this, the lovers find a way to carve out moments of intimacy and happiness.

Then the Germans march into Holland and nothing will ever be the same again. The occupation, which will last five long years, offers both danger and chances, but choices have to be made—choices of the head and choices of the heart.

Please go here to find out where Unspoken is available as e-book. A print version will follow later.